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Name Change, Limited Passport Replacement, and Corrections

How to Apply

Based on the information provided, you need to complete a DS-5504. Please see the Local Information section to determine if you are required to submit an online form or complete the downloadable PDF form.

You are eligible to use this form to change your name if your name change occurred less than year after your last passport was issued.

Step 1: Complete, sign, and print the DS-5504 form.

Step 2: Prepare the following documentation to include with your application.

Required documents:

  • Your fully valid U.S. passport or your limited/temporary U.S. passport (if applicable).
  • 1 color passport photo.

Please refer to the Supporting Documents section of the DS-5504 for the list of additional required documents for changing your name, replacing a limited validity passport, or correcting your passport.

The application is free of charge, though expedited processing is available for a fee if filing your application in the United States.

Step 3: Visit the Local Information section to make an appointment.

Local Information

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